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Cameleon Film presents
a documentary by         Simon Stadler
Catenia Lermer
Sven Methling

Documentary Road movie, length 86 Min. format 1080p

The life of the Ju/'Hoansi Bushmen in the 21’st century is marked by hunger and cultural eradication. Life in the vast Kalahari desert has changed for one of the most ancient cultures on our planet: the lifesaving and nurturing hunt has been forbidden by law by the Namibian government in 1990. Fences are now dividing the former endless open land of the dry savannah. The former nomads are now pressed into an unused life in fixed housing and are forced to live of spare gifts from the government or, if so, adventurous tourists. This is the base situation from which our journey starts, to visit a group of Ju/'Hoansi Bushmen in the northeast of Namibia to take and accompany them on a journey to the world of “the Others” as well in Namibia as also in Europe.
A journey with switched indication marks: form the discovered to the explorer, from the tourist attraction to the tourist, from the beggar to the teacher.
It is simultaneously a challenge as well as a brand new opportunity for “them” as well as “us”. A view on contradiction, a mirror in which we have to face ourselves, that exposes our “civilized” world as well as our modern rites; an exchange of roles viewed through the eyes of an ancient but dying period. The film “Ghostland”, based on the traditional nomad life, shows the unavoidable fusion of their native way with the “modern” world at home as well as on the journey. We’re taking their position between the worlds and achieve by this one last look on the nearly extinct Ju/'Hoansi as well as ourselves and the “civilized” world we live in.
the place i don't know
Ju/'Hoansi singing
Ju/'Hoansi singing 2
guitar for the Ju/`Hoansi
from the soundtrack
Kalahari night
bell frogs


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Simon Stadler

Simon Stadler M.A.

idea, director and photographer
born 28.06.1969 in Frankfurt am Main.
1999 Graduated in "Historical Anthropology",Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt .

Activities in the field of equipment and production in television productions
"Black intervenes" (35 mm, Sat 1, 1st-3rd Squadron, 1993) and "The Shadow Man" (Super 16mm, ZDF, 1995) Participation in "Apoyo por lo Campesino del Oriente Boliviano" as an anthropologist and cameraman at 16mm production "Duenos del Bosque" Santa Cruz Bolivia (Aug.-October 97) Languages: English, Spanish, French Since 1997, co-founder and CEO of Cameleon film GbR. Since 2002 - 2011 Lecturer "Police and Foreigners" at the federal police in multi cultural cooperation
Filmography Simon Stadler:
1998 biosphere Pantanal "documentary (Beta SP / 30 min). Editing and Camera
1999 Crack "," sign D "ZDF, reportage / 1999, 7 min. Idea editorial staff and camera
2000 devil crack cocaine ", ZDF, Reportage / Beta SP, 45min. Idea editorial staff and camera
2001 Tibetan Medicine "Doc / Beta SP, 34 min. Directed and photographed
2002 "Ralph Günther Mohnau", 3 satellite, Doc / Beta SP and DV Cam, 45 min. Directed and photographed.
2003. "Stravinsky" style house, music film, SWR / Beta SP, 44 min. Produced and directed.
2004 "Con el tango en el corazon" Doc / HDTV, 92 min. Idea book and 2. Camera.
2006 The age of miracles is not over. "Doc / Beta SP 30 min. Production, photography.
2009 "home room",. Doc / DVC Pro 50, 58 min. Directing, cinematography.

Catenia Lermer

Catenia Lermer of interior design, singer, spokesperson.

co-director on the project „ghostland-the view of the ju/’hoansi“ and responsible for sound, translations and visual occurs.

Sven Methling

Sven Methling

Idea and Unit manager
Born in 1967 in Frankfurt,
completed his studies in the cultural social and economic geography at the JWG University in Frankfurt 2005.
The personal interest in foreign cultures and lifestyles developed by stays in North Africa, the Middle East and Asia.
The joy of the documentary film developed by a previous film project with Mr. Stadler.


Full documentary "GHOSTLAND-THE VIEW OF THE JU/'HOANSI" now digital available in following countries:

> USA > Ireland > malta > portugal > spain > uk > costa rica > dominican republic > el salvador > guatemala
> honduras > mexico > nicaragua > panama > argentina > bolivia > brazil > chile > colombia > ecuador
> paraguay > peru > venezuela

you can stream or download on following platforms:

- Amazon -Google -iTunes -Microsoft- Sony -Vudu -Pantaflix -Filmin -Indemand -Vubiquity -Hoopla -Eurocinema
-Hulu -Sky -Curzon

Cinema release
in Germany Swiss and Austria
2.November 2017


/////////// to be informed about all that is happening, please look at
/ghostlandthemovie /////////////////////

finally in germany:
Kasseler DOKFilmfestival, screening of GHOSTLAND - the view of the Ju/'Hoansi
on the 17.11.2016



in the cities of Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Barranquilla and Cartagena...
Simon stadler and Catenia lermer will be there
look for:


22.09 - 06.10   MILWAUKEE FF / USA

29.09  - 14.10   VANCOUVER FF / CANADA


14. - 28.12  FILM FORUM / NEW YORK

april 2016

Kalahari Premieres in Grashoek, /xa//oba and fiume bushcamp for all  Ju/'Hoansi. We are  happy that the audience was very excited.
GHOSTLAND will be screened at:

MSPLFF - Minniapolis - international filmfestival
DOCVILLE - Leuwen, Belgien

we are very happy and thankful to announce, that GHOSTLAND has won the
in austin texas !

GHOSTLAND will be screened at the MILLENIUM FESTIVAL in Brussels at the 23. and 25. of march.
Simon Stadler, Sven Methling and Catenia Lermer will be there at the 25. to present the movie and to answer questions of the audience.

We had a wonderful time at the THESSALONIKI DOCUMENTARYFILMFESTIVAL with a very enthusiastic audience and a lot of good discussions.;~;26fX3I1gEFQ~-.bps.a.819496714823788.1073741830.653506218089506/819496731490453/?type=3&theater

We proudly announce the worldpremiere of our Documentary Feature "Ghostland - the view of the Ju/'Hoansi" in March 2016 at the Internationale Documentary Festival in Thessaloniki and the North American Premiere at the SXSW Film Festival Austin Texas

We are pleased to have found
a very enthusiastic partner:
autlook filmsales from Vienna.


Festival apaerances, performances and premieres will be published here.

Soon also the charity project for the Ju/'Hoansi will be launched !

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And clip's from the travelling of the Ju/'Hoansi:

Many thanks to:
Magna Mana GmbH in Frankfurt am Main for the Color grading:
The Tanit Studios in Frankfurt am Main for composition and Sound Design:


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